Download Free Happy Birthday PowerPoint Template Card

Greeting a friend with a greeting card on his/her birthday makes moment refreshing and lovable, but creating a greeting at quick is not that easy, so if you are in rush and got no enough time to create a greeting card then this download is especially for you. The download you download contains a presentation,…


Free 4000 Clip Arts for PowerPoint

As promised by us on March 1st 2015, we have sent the free collection of 4000 clip arts to the users who’ve subscribed to our newsletter.   If anyone who’ve subscribed to our newsletter and yet didn’t find our mail for free download, please check your spam/junk folders, if you still don’t find them do…


How to play video across slides in PowerPoint

Imagine you have a video that you want to place at some corner of the slide of your PowerPoint presentation and you want the slides to advanced on click or at the set time, along with video without altering it in any manner. So how do we do that. Well! this is a very easy…


Free PowerPoint Templates

A perfect template is something that makes your presentation more intuitive and subject oriented. We believe “Presentations are more than¬† words and visuals, Presentations are ideas that transform the world”. So it’s in deed a presenter’s responsibility to make sure the presentation meets all the key points required to deliver an effective presentation. And supporting…


Creative ways to Insert and broadcast video within PowerPoint

As per the user request we received, we made a small video tutorial on how we worked on ShowReel Reviews video trailer. We hope this gives you an idea on using videos in PowerPoint in more creative way and useful for video makers.

The actual trailer of ShowReel Reviews:

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