Be Creative! – The Common Illusions of Colors

In earlier article of mine I’ve introduced you to the need of visual information that helps your audience to store the data you’ve presented  and retrieve it’s information when required at very instant. In this article I’ll be detailing a quick overview on making your slides creative and I’ll also add some lectures that support…


Introduction to PowerPoint 2007 – Interface

Starting PowerPoint 2007  is the same as the previous versions that is go down to the start menu and browse through All Programs > Microsoft Office and select Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 If you’ve used this program before you can choose the larger icon in the start menu the program starts as before, but that the…


Hearts and Expressions for PowerPoint

Hearts and Expressions for PowerPoint This collection  is one of the request we’ve received through some media earlier. First we’ve story boarded to create this in some illustration program but later on we’ve figured out an easy way to do this in PowerPoint. Yes! Using just few PowerPoint default shapes you can create amazing hearts…


How to Start PowerPoint 2007 in Microsoft Windows XP

Microsft has already announced its support end term on Windows XP, but still there are many users across the globe who’ve never left the XP or wish to continue their learning bond with the world’s most popular operating system. Whatever reason you might be having — we admit that XP’s program functionality is quite different…


Download Free Sliver Liner PowerPoint Template

Download Free Silver Liner PowerPoint Template, Available in both Widescreen 16:9 and Standard 4:3 variations

Silver-Liner-Wide    Silver-Liner-Normal

This is a basic PowerPoint template that you can use almost in every PowerPoint version, to hide the graphics you see on the background — just click Format Background and Check Hide Background Graphics option.


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Download Free Custom Shapes for PowerPoint

Are you bored of the existing shapes in the PowerPoint or do you wish to try some new shapes that bring a whole new uniqueness to your presentation? Download Free Custom Shapes for PowerPoint. Using these custom shapes with your creative ideas — you can transform your PowerPoint slides to look awesome and cool This…